Costa Rica Paintings

Last year I attended a wedding in Costa Rica of one of my oldest friends to one of my newest friends.  During the trip I routinely dropped my jaw onto a perfect sand beach, and, after a moment collecting my mandible, I would experience a sample of wildlife etch itself into my mind forever.  A few glimpses turned into painting ideas immediately, and these 5 paintings resulted:

A Day in Westport Dunes

Here's a few shots from a recent afternoon painting in the dunes at Westport, MA.  This is my second trip to Westport with the extended Decker family who've spent the last 30+ summers vacationing along the estuary.  In 2014 I made these four.  This year I planned only one painting day, so I had to make it count.  I hiked in and out of the dunes for over an hour before settling on this location, looking south onto Buzzards Bay from one of Westport's dune covered peninsulas. 


Above gives you an idea of the relative remoteness of the location.

And below is a view of the scene with the painting in progress.  Note the pathway up the dune which serves as the organizing center of the composition.  It's an optimistic piece that shows a narrow sandy lane to the ocean through largely impassable and hostile underbrush.  

And here's the final product leaning against a perfect beach house background.  

See ya next year Westport.

This painting is currently available, please contact me for details.